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The launcher update!

Dear players,

Last weeks I've been busy with a few things. Holiday of course ;), but I also created a separate launcher for X-MC. The brand new launcher will allow us to do the following:

  • Update your client only when the server version increases.
  • Update the client when we release custom mods.
  • Update the client when we create a modpack server.
  • Letting you easily download our resourcepacks.
  • Will save us work when screensharing.

The launcher and packs will automatically up...

By StephanWithPH, 4 months ago
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The Trading update!

Hi players,

The trading update is finally here. The following things are added to the server:

  • A brand new auction system. (/ah ingame)
  • A new warping system (/warps)
  • A trading room (/warps -> click on the quartz)

The auction system

Selling items is possible by typing the following command while holding the item to sell in your hand.

/ah sell/bid <price> [amount of items]</price>

Buying items is possib...

By StephanWithPH, 6 months ago
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Hello everyone, Stephan here!

Welcome to our new website. Our website got a complete makeover and registering is possible by executing the command /register ingame.

Joining our ESurvival (survival with extras) server is possible with the IP (1.14.1 only).


Kind regards,


By StephanWithPH, 7 months ago
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